Customer's review

Extremely calm & Beautiful. Aftermarket boot & Shifter, combined with this lighting it makes your interior absolutely wonderful. Good on the inside and outside for cars with outer markers. If you keep them on while driving they are not over-reflective, and, they dont cause blindness if you look at them.

Azukami Yakumae

They are super bright and bring the old yellow bulbs out of the stone age and into the new age of LED. They are efficient and cool compared to the heat generating old ones. They are very bright and worth the money.

Ross Bertran

I shopped around and I came across these Yorkim bulbs and decided to give them a shot. I was instantly impressed with the components quality of these bulbs. They are way brighter than I expected and they gave my car a crisp clean look. Will be installing these bulbs on my 2005 GMC yukon map lights.

Mahmoud Hassan

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