ABOUT Yorkim

Yorkim Brand Slogan - MAKE A BRIGHTER DAY

Yorkim’s Mission is to provide high quality LED bulbs which balance brightness, duration, and compatibility to our global customers. Utilizing the most up to date cutting edge LED technology, combined with a state of the art manufacturing process and competitive, all together make Yorkim the best choice to light up your way on the road. To make driving more brighter and safer for customers.

Founded in 2014, Yorkim wants people to use a new generation of better car light bulb without compromising. Yorkim lights are safer and more secure than most brands, easier to install, more concise and durable. Today, Yorkim is the pioneer and leader in Automotive car light bulb. We believe that the LED Bulb is the future of car lighting.

Yorkim has the best technology development, hardware design and production industry resources, which provides tens of millions of vehicles provide the best lighting, make driving more brighter and safer. Keep the continuous innovation and rapid iteration of new products every year. Yorkim's annual production continues to increase, providing hundreds of job opportunities to the society and quality products to its customers.

This is just the beginning. Technology is improving every day. Yorkim light bulb have absolute advantages in safety, efficiency, service life, and brightness level with great potential for improvement in brightness and quality. We believe that the LED Bulb is the future of car lighting. With the ever-increasing speed of technology, Yorkim will continue to focus on the best car light bulb and offer our products to consumers around the world. This is the lifelong mission of Yorkim to make driving more brighter and safer for customers.

Yorkim is committed to provide a brighter solution for your vehicle. As an innovative automotive LED designer, manufacturer, and distributor, headquartered in California, Yorkim offers a wide range of high performance LED replacement bulbs and LED accessories for all types of vehicles.

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